Yu Bai

Yu Bai 

About me: I am a third-year PhD student in Statistics at Stanford University, advised by John Duchi. I am broadly interested in problems arising in modern data science and solving them using a combination of statistics, machine learning, and optimization. I am particularly interested in convex and non-convex optimization, learning theory, statistical signal processing, and information theory.

Prior to Stanford, I was an undergrad in mathematics at Peking University.


Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

yub (at) stanford.edu



  • TAPAS: Two-pass Approximate Adaptive Sampling for Softmax.  Yu Bai, Sally Goldman, and Li Zhang. [arXiv]

  • The Landscape of Empirical Risk for Nonconvex Losses.  Song Mei, Yu Bai, and Andrea Montanari. [arXiv]